Hollywood’s beauty standards are pretty straight-forward when it comes to women. We could have lost dozens of stunning and talented actresses only because they were not ‘pretty enough’ to a certain bunch of people. Talent, charm, endurance, and wit are the qualities that should matter most, but many women still face a lot of criticism if their appearance is not of “Hollywood quality”, whatever that is. We could have lost Meryl Streep! And what would the ‘Hunger Games’ look like without Jennifer Lawrence playing the lead?


Kate Winslet
Can you imagine someone else playing the leading female role aside Leonardo DiCaprio in the famous ‘Titanic’ movie? This nightmare could have become reality if not for Kate Winslet’s stubbornness and amazing talent. Back in the day, she’s been rejected numerous times due to her curvy figure. Producers thought she was ‘too fat’. Some people kept saying that even after ‘Titanic’ hit the big screen! Kate Winslet ignored this criticism and went on landing other amazing roles.