10 Plus-Size Celebs Who Don’t Afraid To Show Their Bodies On The Beach



Almost all celebs are trying to be fit and stay healthy, because it's important for their job. They are trying to avoid junk food and exercise in the gym almost every day. But there are some curvy celebs who love their bodies and these women look really great and they don't need a diet. They are beautiful the way they are. Check 10 beautiful and curvy celebs who don't afraid to show their bodies on the beach.

1.Christina Hendricks
Christina is a talented woman, but we all love her because of her curves and red hair. She doesn't have model body measurements, but Christina was named the sexiest woman in the world in 2010. This hot lady doesn't want to change and have a strict diet, but let's be honest- she doesn't need to. Christina looks really beautiful and confident on the beach. She is happy with her weight (161 pounds) but a star told that she's working out a lot to stay healthy. And surprise, surprise, Christina has regular workouts with her husband! That's the spirit!



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