Famous Actors Who Nearly Died Filming The Biggest Movies


A lot of people would say that actors have very simple job. All things considered, they get the chance to go into work and have their makeup done, they get large amount of cash for only a couple of months of work, etc. In any case, there are a few downsides to their occupation that the majority of people don't consider. Numerous stars have become harmed and even risked their lives while on set. Obviously this is a greater danger when you're an actor who needs to do the greater part of your own tricks like Tom Cruise.But some stars who have almost died, weren’t even doing any stunt at all!

For example Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future III.
How would you convincingly look like you're passing on while being hung? You really do it! Fox performed this scene a couple times while standing on a container, yet it simply wasn't working. So he did one take without it, however was off about the timing it would take to get through the scene. He passed out for 30 seconds, which was about the time it took for any other person on set to see that he was unconscious, according to his autobiography.



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